Ann Osman the First Woman Muslim to Fight Professionally in a Muslim Country

According to news sources including Gulf News, Malaysian fighter Ann Osman will become the first woman muslim to compete MMA in a Muslim country.  Right on!

“Initially when I took up MMA, I never actually thought about how being a Muslim woman mattered with my involvement in the sport,” Osman said.

“But after making my MMA debut, and receiving words of encouragement and messages from fellow Muslim Ann Osmanfriends on how it has inspired them too, then only I realized what I have actually been doing,” she added.

The fight is set to take place in Dubai on August 29.  As reported in TIME, Osman was actually set to hit this milestone in a fight in Malaysia against Sherilyn Lim, but it had to be cancelled.  This time she’ll be facing Philippines figter Ana Julaton in an event billed as One FC’s Reign of Champions.

She continued: “[Being a] role model is a big thing for me. I am just happy doing what I love, which is training and competing in MMA. I am honoured if my involvement in this sport can inspire other women, Muslim or non-Muslim, to do what they love.

“Whether it’s MMA or anything else they dream of doing, maybe they thought it was impossible before, or maybe people told them or they told themselves it couldn’t be done. I hope that, through my involvement in MMA, other women will also believe in themselves to follow and achieve their dreams.”

“I do appreciate being dubbed ‘the first Muslim female to fight in an Islamic country,’ but ultimately I appreciate everyone’s support and appreciation in what I do as an athlete.”

Read more at Gulf News.  Here is Osman’s website.


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