Blogwave Meets World

Lot of people are headed back to school and are super busy, and excited, and bushy-tailed. ¬†And I’m excited to share some great writing from around the internet for women, by women, and about women!

Inspiring Sports Women

Review Ronda Rousey's My Fight Your Fight

Niamh reviews (the first part) of Rousey's new book

Jiu Jiu's BJJ Blog

Should I Quit BJJ?

Jiu Jiu consoles readers who are thinking of throwing in the towel

A Martial Artist

Returning to Martial Arts After a Hiatus

Megan reflects on returning to Tang Soo Do

Inspiring Sports Women

MuayThai fight: Eimear Codd vs Ce Gordon

Wordless Wednesday!

Skirt on the Mat

Both Ends of the Spectrum: Focusing on the Short Term and the Long Haul

Quick thoughts on keeping perspective

Pacific Wave Jiu Jitsu

How to make safe contact that sells for camera

Tips for convincing stuntwork

Handful of Health

Why Martial Arts?

What martial arts means to Elaine

Under the Ropes

The Uncertainties of Being a Fighter and an Expat

Emma is a UK expat training Muai Thai in Thailand and it's not an easy life

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