How I Get Ready

Hand-drawn 8-panel comic strip. First panel is a close up of a toes getting purple nail polish; second panel is a close up of a face as mascara is applied. The young woman has brown eyes and short brown hair. The third panel shows the young woman clipping/braiding back her fringe. She's wearing a purple tank top. The fourth panel shows the young woman looking into a closet where a white gi and four martial arts belts are hung up (white, green, blue, and purple). The fifth panel shows her putting on the gi top over her purple sports bra. The sixth is a close up of her just having tied on a purple belt. The seventh panel is an assortment of objects - water bottle, banana, books, and sparring mitts. The last panel shows the young woman walking out the door, ready for training.

(c) Maja Elise

This Monday was my first time back at karate after summer, and as some of you might remember from my previous post, I haven’t been training much before that for the last year. I was so nervous I thought I was gonna be sick.

To cope with my nerves I doodled this little comic of how I get ready! Also, class went really well and I enjoyed myself so much I laughed several times.

Hope you all have great classes! <3

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