[Link] Weak Links Can Show Your Strength

Skirt on the Mat adds another chapter in our growing book of how Martial Arts Are For Everyone.  She’s using ‘weak link’ satirically, by the way.  The things that dominant martial arts culture often considers detriments to training: being very young or very old, having a disability, being too tall or too short, too fat, too thin, not being male passing, not being white.  As she says, “the list goes on and on.”

You know the saying, “Your chain is only as strong as your weakest link”? It would be easy, convenient even, to only cater to the super athletes: the ones who can pick up a technique with ease and have no trouble understanding what to do, and do it well within the first few tries. Easy, but not very conducive to promoting diversity in an academy. Personally, a good jiu jitsu program is one that can accommodate both the star athletes and…well, the rest of us.

Read on.  She makes a strong point for how diversity in brazilian jiu jitsu schools (and I’d say all martial arts schools) is a benefit.  Not a weak chain at all.

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