She Kicks She Shops!

I like martial arts and also art art. I’ve set up a Society6 shop with some sweet women in martial arts history merch. Also kitties!

Thin white model wearing an orange t-shirt with a cute judo kitty on it. Thin white model wearing a black t-shirt with a cute judo kitty on it. Thin white model wearing a light blue tank top with a cute judo kitty on it.

You can get the kitty on any color or style shirt you want – kitty’s belt will be the color of the shirt. You met this little snow flake in a recent Sketch-Ki-Do comic.

And oh, look! History! I’ve painstakingly recreated full-size art from tiny pixelated slivers of graphic design history.

Picture of a print reproduction of the "Thrashed by a Lady Cyclist" 1889 illustration

“Thrashed by a Lady Cyclist”

White thin model wearing a tan t-shirt of the 1980 Women's World Judo Championship poster

Recreation/interpretation of the poster for the first Women’s World Judo Championships in 1980

Everything is also available as all kinds of garments, prints, and mugs, and stuff. Buy your best martial arts buddy a present and help me pay my web hosting bill. <3

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